When's the right time to get Insurance?

There is a lot of fun and freedom to be had in your twenties, but it is also when you need to start making adult decisions. Understanding insurance is a good step in the right direction! Most people in their early 20s are flatting, don’t have dependents and have minimal de...
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This type of cover I am extremely passionate about. I know it's difficult to think about because as Kiwis we are bought up to be tough and resilient and have developed the "It'll be alright" and the "It won't happen to me" attitude. Unfortunately I've seen first hand what ca...
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If you're self-employed or a contractor you have two options for your ACC cover, either standard CoverPlus or CoverPlus Extra.

Standard cover – CoverPlusYou'll automatically be on CoverPlus. If you've had an accident and can't work, ACC will pay your compensation at up to 80% of your taxable income based on the most recently completed financial year. For example, if you earn $52,000...
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When considering to take out a life or trauma insurance policy you have the choice of how you would like to structure your insurance premiums either through Stepped or Level premiums.

Stepped PremiumsInsurance Premium is calculated on your age, meaning the younger you are the cheaper the cost and that premiums will increase over time. Level PremiumsInsurance Premium is calculated on an average premium, meaning you might pay more younger but you pay a lot...
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