"I became frustrated with the lack of support from my bank and engaged Tom to review my insurance policies.  He was very thorough when explaining the benefits of each policy and wasn’t afraid to explain the worst case scenario and the necessity of cover.  My intentions were to reduce my monthly premiums as I had never made a claim and was a non believer in the benefits.  Through the process of completing the paperwork with Tom to have him manage my insurances, I had a stroke.  I had no relationship with the bank from an insurance perspective and had no idea what policies I had a claim on.  I made one phone call to Tom from hospital, within an hour he met me, processed my claim and managed the process through until the claim was paid out.  He has followed up with me throughout my recovery and has a genuine interest in my well being.  In no way did he benefit financially from the assistance he provided, as I hadn’t completed the transfer of my policies. 

This process has confirmed a couple of things for me. 

The Trauma and Income Protection policies I had allowed me to focus on my recovery and continue to support my family.  Without it the pressure to get back to work would have only prolonged my recovery.  More importantly, having a relationship with an insurance broker you trust is essential.  Tom West loves his job, has his clients best interest at the heart of his business and in my time of need he dropped what he was doing to help me out.  For that I will be forever grateful and recommend Tom as my preferred insurance broker whenever the opportunity arises."

Damian Petre

"I engaged the services of Tom West 6 years ago, after a word of mouth recommendation from my financial adviser. Upon meeting Tom it was clear that he was an engaging, positive and people oriented person and I enjoyed our interactions. I also had an amount of faith and trust in what Tom would/should provide by the fact that I had been recommended to Tom by somebody who I had a trusted relationship with. 

In April 2020, during lockdown, I received a life threatening diagnosis. It was then that I realised what a professional, supportive and knowledgeable service Tom provided. I had previously discussed lowering some of my health insurance cover, but Tom had held firm and advised me against this, and I am so glad today that he did. During a very stressful time, Tom kept in touch, made sure that everything was organised and in place, and was always available for any queries, if not, his turnaround time was fast. He also showed genuine empathy and care and as a result of all of the above I would whole-heartedly recommend Tom West, and have given verbal recommendations to family, friends and colleagues. Thanks Tom, Harry and I really appreciate it."

Nicky Richardson

"Tom is a down to earth and extremely knowledgeable person and I feel very looked after with him as our insurance broker. I was one of the unlucky ones who had to claim on my trauma cover recently and he made the process so smooth and easy I would 100% recommend him to anyone! We had the right cover in place all thanks to trusting him putting what was best for us in place."

Anna Johnston

"I had little idea of what insurances I had and more importantly why I had them under my previous adviser. Tom took the time to sit down and start from scratch reviewing our existing covers and finding out what we actually needed. He put in place a plan that covered off all my concerns and explained everything in detail. When I suffered a medical event, Tom walked me through the claims process acting as my advocate. He knows how little time I have to deal with insurance companies being so busy with my business. My insurance company was dragging their feet but Tom managed to get the claim paid after much arm twisting and persistence. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who wants to sound objective advice who goes the extra mile for his clients."

Damian Black, Managing Director, Allied Security

"I've unfortunately had some bad experiences with previous insurance brokers who oversold me insurances which were ill suited to my circumstances. Tom was in the process of analysing my situation and the suitability of those insurances when a health issue arose and caused me to claim. As my advocate he walked me through the claims process and successfully got it paid. He was paid nothing for this and was always professional, helpful and sincere in his dealings with me. I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants good honest advice about their insurance needs."

Nick Hayman, Former Managing Director, Collision City Dunedin

"The difference between Tom and the person at the bank was night and day. Tom actually sat down, listened to me and got to understand my business. He tailored a plan to fit what I needed and gave good, straight forward advice that was in plain English. He pops into see me at work from time to time and reviews my cover every year to make sure I’ve still got the right level of cover. I wanted someone local who will go into bat for me in the event of a claim and take charge of sorting it so I can get onto running my business knowing I’m in good hands."

Dave Begg, Owner, Pure Services

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